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Dazzle Balance TH+ is a high-grade mineral designed to increase total hardness in hot tub water. Your hot tub water behaves very much like the human body when it comes to satisfying its mineral content. Just like your body when water has too little calcium, it will look for ways to rebalance itself and restores its mineral content. Hot tub surfaces and equipment are often the most vulnerable to your water’s aggressive search for minerals. A low calcium hardness can damage hot tub surfaces and cause corrosion of equipment, particularly in heaters.

How to Use: Broadcast directly into hot tub water. To prevent water from clouding split the application into 3 doses and wait at least 6 hours between each application., If required, brush any undissolved product from hot tub surface.

  • A mineral that increases total hardness in hot tub water
  • Prevents surface and equipment corrosion
  • If total hardness is too low you will discover heater problems

Pro Tip: Do not ever pre-dissolve as heat may be generated.